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The year 2016 opens with a new article from our “ Buying Watches ” section. We came up with this section to give you some ideas on what you could buy and how you can choose the right watch replica from a brand’s collection. In the last few months, we have also started to tell you a bit about my experience with buying watch replica es replica online. I didn’t close the year 2015 simply recapping the best articles of the year and I really don’t want to start off the new year this way, I find this formula a bit old fashion and pointless too. I am usually given some watch replica es replica to test, sometimes for a short period of time and sometimes for a bit longer, but I still like buying timepieces online like a real watch replica fan would do.

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K If I were to name one of Horbiter ‘s achievements, I would definitely say that it is thanks to this online magazine that we have made our Italian (and not Italian quite often) readers get to know Seiko (and the Orient brand too) and we have told them about this manufacturer’s timepieces and collections like nobody had ever done before. In particular, I am talking about the fact that Italian collectors are not fully aware of what a Grand Seiko or other timepieces of the Prospex collection are, mainly because many of these watch replica es replica are usually not imported to Italy. The name of this collection comes from the union of two words; Professional and Specification and it is a remarkable piece of Seiko ‘s history, some sort of a brand within the brand. Seiko ‘s prestige in the world of diver’s watch replica es replica is undisputed and so is its leadership.

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K sei Some of the brand’s models are already collectors’ pieces and they represent the perfect investment for the future (keep an eye on the Seiko Silver Sumo Limited Edition ), the most remarkable thing is, however, that if you talk about Prospex watch replica es replica in Italy, you are basically referring to models sporting the so-called “ Kinetic technology ” (you can find our article about this topic – taken from our Baselword 2014 trip – on this link ), if you type in Prospex in a Google searchbar on a site that is not the Italian one, you will be shocked by the amount of articles and images that will come up, many of these are actually ours. Generally speaking, the Prospex collection sports three main categories : the classic diver’s watch replica es replica with a steel case, the collection’s top timepieces with a single-piece case and the so-called Tuna watch replica es replica, like the Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K1 . It is the American collectors, who have come up with these nicknames, since they are the biggest admirers and users of the Prospex watch replica es replica. These timepieces are nicknamed “ Tuna ” because the shape of their 2-pieces case reminds people of a tuna can (that shroud protects the watch replica against shocks) ; placed in between bezel and case there’s an L-shaped seal that ensures water resistance (and air gas tightness for saturation diving), a feature that Seiko patented some few years ago and that is now one of the manufacturer’s trademarks. It is one of those rare occasions, when something that had been originally designed to be a technical feature has actually turned into a distinctive style element.

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K The Prospex Tuna collection (a collection within the collection) is enormous and it varies according to the sales market it is offered in. You can get to know it a bit better through the pictures that are available on this page, I decided to fill a watch replica roll with Tuna diver’s watch replica es replica but if you are interested in finding out a bit more about these timepieces, you should browse the websites of the Seiko brand that are available in the different world markets. One of the top models of this collection is the Seiko Prospex Tuna 1000m SBDX014 , whose pictures I captured during my 2015 Baselworld tour. The price for these timepieces ranges between 3,000 euro and 4,000 euro but you can also find pieces from the Tuna collection at less than 1,000 euro or at a price that goes beyond the 5,000-euro-threshold (for instance if you are looking for some very hard to find limited series timepieces that are no longer available in the market). The Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K1 is among the entry-level pieces of the Prospex series and it is  among the most “ bourgeois Prospex Tuna watch replica es replica of the entire collection. Like all the Seiko diver’s watch replica es replica, it is ISO 6425 certified and it has been crafted following some strict design rules that make this timepiece much more similar to a “tool watch replica ” rather than a “toy watch replica ”. Let me explain that a bit better: in Europe, there are two brands that offer an ISO 6425-certified-timepiece : Girard-Perregaux and their splendid Sea Hawk (see the article on here ) and Cartier with their beautiful Calibre de Cartier Diver (that you may find right here ). Most of them are, instead, just ” water resistant “.

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K quattro The Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K1 , like every single Seiko Prospex watch replica , is certified for saturation diving but it is not equipped with any helium release valve, since the case has been sealed so tight that no helium can ever get in. It is not only this specific timepiece that has a rating of up to 200m, there are some other ones that are certified to up to 1000m. The “ famous ” helium release valve is therefore not a necessary technical feature although designing an ISO-certified-watch does not mean you can get rid of it; the Bulova Sea King 1000m is a clear example of an ISO 6425-certified-watch that is equipped with a helium release valve .

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K tre The shrouded case is kept together through three Allen screws and the Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K1 is my very first Tuna ; it is made of steel but what strikes me here is the way the case has been designed. At first sight, it might look like a simple case but if you take a better look, you will see lots of bevels, sharp angles and countersinkings – like the one next to the crown that is always located at 4 o’clock on Japanese diver’s watch replica es replica -. The way the 120-click-rotating-bezel rotates is a pleasure both for your fingers and for your ears (we have been the first magazine, or among the very first ones, to have underlined this feature and it is nice to see it is now clearly highlighted on the official Prospex dedicated website as well as it has been highlighted at the Baselworld 2015 press conference too); the two parts have basically been crafted next to each other but they don’t touch.

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K sette

The dial doesn’t sport the classic “ round-shaped ” indexes but rather “ baton-shaped ” ones; together with the steel case, this is one of those small details that makes this timepiece one of the most eclectic Tuna watch replica es replica ever crafted by Seiko . The Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K1 is one of the most loved Tuna watch replica es replica, even by those who would never consider a Tuna for their collection. Seiko adopts their own luminous material that is called “ Lumibrite ” for the dial; beside owning a very luminous power, “ Lumibrite ” is also very even and it leaves no blank zone. The automatic caliber (code 4R36 ) is entirely in-house built.

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K otto The Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna SRP639K1 is available exclusively with a rubber strap for professional divers; it might be the perfect strap when you wear your watch replica above your wet-suit but let me tell you that it is definitely a bit hard when worn around your naked wrist. The best solution is probably to look for a different strap that can be stretched a bit further and that makes your watch replica more comfortable. I am really enjoying my Tuna and I can definitely say that it is one of the best purchases that I have every made: it was a Christmas gift that I got for myself, it costs about 450 USD on Amazon and it came with an official guarantee.

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