OMEGA House Rio 2016 – How does it look like to attend the Olympic Games with OMEGA?

The curtain on the 31 st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro has just been lifted and even for the those who are not watch replica -lovers, this event must have not passed unnoticed. Since the year 2014 , OMEGA has largely anticipated this event by releasing its Bullhead Rio 2016 , its Speedmaster Mark II Rio 2016 and its Seamaster 300M Rio 2016 as if being the official time keeper of the event for the 27 th time wouldn’t be enough to show the importance that the Olympic Games play in the history of the maison.

Eddie Redmayne and Camilla Belle Omega House Rio 2016 Through the #RecordingDreams hashtag on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Instagram , and, of course, on OMEGA ’s official website, the Olympic moments that are forever linked to the brand’s name are presented almost live. These “ dreams ” are not exclusively sport-related, like, for instance, the “ dream ” dated 6 th August when OMEGA inaugurated its very own Ipanema beach facing house ” in Rio with a gala evening in which quite a few celebrities participated: the brand’s testimonial Eddie Redmayne , Prince Albert II of Monaco , the Brazilian designer Francisco Costa , the Brazilian athlete Torben Grael and many more guests who are somehow related to the maison from Bienne .

R. Aeschlimann and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Omega House Rio 2016 The OMEGA House hosts a champagne bar , an exhibition dedicated to the Olympic Games , the space and ocean discoveries , the pioneering and innovative spirit of the brand that has led to the achievement of incredible goals like OMEGA ’s anti-magnetic timepieces and the METAS certification that has been recently granted to the manufacturer by the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute for Metrology . One of the strengths of this brand is also its woman dedicated collection that has its very own space within the exhibition.

OMEGA House Rio 2016 from above For the entire time the Olympic Games will run, the OMEGA building will host events linked to the brand and it will, of course, be the meeting point for all those who are looking forward to discovering all the OMEGA time-keepers. Who knows whether at the end of the Olympic Games , this place will become the reference boutique of Brazil , like it happened in London that now hosts the biggest OMEGA boutique in the whole of Europe ! By the way, if you are wondering how a gala night chez OMEGA would look like, we can give you a small taste of it by showing you the menu that was served during the Brazilian opening night.


Roasted salmon with snow peas and caponata.

Braised short rib of beef with chive crushed potatoes.

Sweet potato ravioli, figs and Pecorino.

Asparagus, smoked salmon, quail eggs and caviar.

Mini ice-creams.

Caipirinha and Caipivodka.

Abilene (Dark Rum, Orange juice and Peach nectar).

Cleo_Pires_Omega_House_Rio_2016.JPG R._Aeschlimann_and_HSH_Prince_Albert_II_of_Monaco_Omega_House_Rio_2016.JPG EddieRedmayne_Omega_House_Rio_2016.JPG Eddie_Redmayne_in_the_Heritage_Room_Omega_House_Rio_2016.JPG Eddie_Redmayne_at_OMEGAs_timekeeping_wall_Rio_2016.JPG Eddie_Redmayne_and_Camilla_Belle_Omega_House_Rio_2016 OMEGA_House_Rio_2016.JPG OMEGA_House_Rio_2016_from_above.JPG