High Quality Replica Hamilton H77616533 Watch For Men

High Quality Replica Hamilton H77616533 Watch For Men

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High Quality Replica Hamilton H77616533 Watch For Men

Hamilton H77616533 is still one of the most popular replica Hamilton watches, which has a very interesting dial design, they’ve somehow managed to cram a lot of information on to the dial, without giving it this busy feel. The hour and minute hands seem a little small but they still do the job. The dial has a good use of lume on the hour markers and hands to make this fake watch easy to read in dim lit conditions which is useful. You’ll notice the primary crown and pushers of the watch are also positioned on the left side of the casing for easy access even when wearing gloves. Its day& date display on the left hand side is different from other watches.The casing itself is made of a surgical stainless steel.

High Quality Replica Hamilton H77616533 Watch For Men





Watch Review


The Hamilton watch company, owned by the massive Swatch group, were originally an American storied watch design and manufacturing company that was incorporated in 1892 and produced their first watch in 1893. These days they produce many stunning Swiss made watches including this Khaki model that we’re reviewing today.

Type Of Crystal

Here is a high quality synthetic sapphire crystal glass to protect the dial, and it has a Mohs hardness rating of 9 and gives you some of the best scratch resistance available on a watch. Exactly you what you would expect to find in a luxury Hamilton watches like this.

Watch Size

Everything is fairly standard when it comes to the sizing of this  replica Hamilton watch. The casing diameter is 44mm and the thickness is 16mm. I guess you could say it will have a slightly chunky feel at 16mm but nothing too over the top in my opinion.


The strap is made of an ultra comfortable thick, stitched brown genuine leather that measures 22mm wide. This is a standard size that suits the overall size of the watch very nicely. The strap fastens using a typical buckle style clasp.

Extra features

A key extra feature of the replica watch is the semi-exposed caseback that you can see in the picture below. It’s not something you often find on watches, the semi-exposed style that is, it’s often either fully covered, or fully exposed so this is something a little different and interesting.

Water Resistance Rating

The water resistance level of this watch is 100m, this is suitable for this style of watch in my opinion. A rating of 100m / 10 Bar / 300ft makes this fake watch suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports.


Watch Specifications

  • Band Genuine leather strap, standard length, 22mm width, standard buckle clasp.
  • Case Stainless steel casing, sizing diameter: 44mm and thickness: 16mm.
  • Dial Analogue chronograph display. The window lens is made of sapphire glass which is highly resistant to scratches.
  • Water Resistant A water resistance rating of up to 10m / 10 bar.


Watch Advantages

  1. Hamilton are known for their stunning high-quality luxury watches
  2. Features a Swiss automatic movement
  3. 10m water resistance rating
  4. Semi-exposed caseback allows you to take a peek at the workings of the fake watch

Watch Disadvantages 

  1. If unworn for a length of time an automatic watch will run out of power, requiring the wearer to give it an initial wind and reset the time. This is common in automatic watches but still something some people find annoying.