High Quality Replica Vacheron Constantin Travelling Exhibition

The collection will reveal the major aesthetic and technical horology developments in these watch replica es replica, and will demonstrate VC’s expertise in watch replica es replica that reflect the needs of the most demanding travellers. The Vacheron Constantin Travelling Exhibition: “Elegance in Motion”.Vacheron Constantin’s theme for this year is travel. With the re-launch of their Overseas collection which we have showcased here, the theme continues with this special exhibition which VC brings to Asia. For the first time, 18 watch replica es replica highlighting VC’s vision of travel will be shown around Asia, debuting in Singapore at their ION Boutique from August 24 to September 4, 2016.


Their common denominator is their ability to guarantee a reliable reading of time despite the constraints of travel relating to conquering the world.The travelling antique exhibition will be held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Korea from August to December 2016. The “Elegance in Motion” exhibition features timepieces selected from the more than 1,300 objects composing the Vacheron Constantin private museum collection.

Here are some of the highlights of the pieces being shown:

“Corps of Engineers” Pocket watch replica Chronograph Silver, enamel dial, back with engraving In 1918, the American Expeditionary Forces in Bern ordered several thousand chronographs from Vacheron Constantin. These watch replica es replica were to have the following specifications: they must be in oxidized silver, unvarying at different temperatures and must bear the engraving on the back “Corps of Engineers, U.S.A”. Numerals and hands must be luminous and the dial must carry the inscription “Corps of Engineers, U.S.A and Vacheron & Constantin Genève”.

Gentleman's wristwatch 18K yellow gold, enamel dial offset 45° to the right This cushion-shaped model, with crown set at 1 o’clock, is part of a small series manufactured in the 1920s. A variation of this model with the crown on the left-hand side also exists. The dial position enables fast and discreet reading of the time.

A pocket watch replica which shows the worldtime of cities around the world. This watch replica is one of the inspirations behind the VC Oversea Worldtimer.

Water resistance and anti-magnetism

Travelling presents special strains on the watch replica es replica, and it is especially important to protect against magnetism, humidity and dust. In 1885, VC created a watch replica designed to resist magnetic disturbances by incorporating components in palladium, gold and bronze. In 1895, the first hermetically sealed watch replica es replica were introduced. In 1933, VC developed a wristwatch with a  screw locked case back and bezel which guaranteed resistance to water and pressure. This was the early days of the dive watch replica es replica. This was about the same time as Omega’s Marine 1932, and pre-dates Rolex’s diving watch replica es replica. These were the days which saw the birth of the “sports” watch replica es replica.

Vacheron Consantin 222 which was the predecessor to the Overseas range. Designed by Jorg Hysek to celebrate the 222th Anniversary of the founding of the maison.

These “sports” watch replica truly emerged with the late 19th century boom in steel and the successive inventions of rustless steel, staybrite steel and stainless steel in the early 20th century. Several iconic models featuring ratcheted bezels and metal bracelets illustrate this steady progress, from the 1930s to the 1970s, such as the Chronomètre Royal presented in 1975 and the 222 released in 1977 to mark the 222nd anniversary of the Maison. The exhibition closes with the Overseas, which has become a reference model and of which Vacheron Constantin is introducing a new version in 2016, complete with a range of new calibers and a design radiating a casual elegance entirely in tune with the 21st century spirit of travel.

“ELEGANCE IN MOTION” Travelling Exhibition in Asia 2016

SINGAPORE – Vacheron Constantin ION Orchard Boutique
24 August -4 September 2016
HONG KONG – Vacheron Constantin Landmark Prince’s Boutique
10-15 September 2016, 2016
MACAU – Vacheron Constantin Studio City Macau Boutique
19 September to 19 October, 2016
TAIWAN – Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 Boutique
1 – 30 November, 2016
KOREA – Vacheron Constantin AvenueL WT Boutique
1 – 31 December, 2016

The invitation to come and explore and experience VC's heritage in travel.