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Alpina Pre-Baselworld 2014

It is a great pleasure to write about the Alpina brand again, bringing you the first available information on two new timepieces which are part of what is considered to be the most representative line up of this brand, the Aviation collection: the Startimer Pilot Chrono Automatic “Black Star” and the Startimer Automatic Pilot “Sunrise” . A brand whose pillars, as it claims, are: quality, durability, precision, and design. To these four pillars I would add a fifth one: simplicity. Because what I like about Alpina watch replica es replica (apart from having created the coolest Regatta wristwatch ever) is their simplicity, especially when it comes to aviator’s timepieces, which best represents the brand’s heritage. With Baselworld 2014 being just one month away, Alpina has unveiled two new products:

Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_004_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_002_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_002_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_003_for Horbiter

They are not really two new products, but rather two editions of the bestselling models from a maison which showcases a renowned aeronautical tradition that dates back to the first half of the 20 th century when the brand supplied the American air force. The Alpina Pilot Startimer Chrono “Black Star” is a classical bi-compax chrono with a PVD coated case and soleil decorated dial with luminous applied indexes.

Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_003_for Horbiter

The second one is a Pilot Automatic with a soleil decorated dial and an applied graduated minute ring. They are both powered by automatic movements whose balance wheel vibrates at 4Hz (28800 vph). What distinguishes an Alpina watch replica from the standard? With the exception of their linear design and high legibility, the latter being a must have for pilot watch replica es replica, what stands out is Alpina ‘s brand logo: it is everywhere, on the luminous mark at 12 o’clock, on the tip of the central second hand or on the shape of the crown.

Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_001_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_001_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_003_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_002_for Horbiter

In my opinion what stands out even more is the case back: all the pilot watch replica es replica thatI have ever seen, at least with this price tag, showcase a solid case back. Because to be honest they are all antimagnetic. Alpina chose instead to enhance the personality of the case back, which is often overlooked by most watch replica makers. But it is not that much overlooked by watch replica enthusiasts who usually look for details. The outcome is a transparent case back whose rotor is fully visible and is PVD treated as is its case, with its name, its serial number and other info circularly engraved, and 6 very tiny tightening holes.

Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_003_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_002_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_001_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_001_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_004_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_004_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Chronograph_BlackStar_AL-860GB4FBS6_002_for Horbiter Alpina_Geneve_Startimer_Pilot_Automatic_Sunstar_AL-525GB4S6_003_for Horbiter

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