Introducing rolex gmt

Introducing rolex gmt

Rolex GMT – MASTER II ref. 116710 BLNR

Not only is this pairing an amazing feat in itself, we must also point out that the split between the two halves is absolutely perfect and the bezel astonishingly bright in a model that, like any other stainless steel ROLEX , is made of 904L steel, extremely resistant to corrosion and pitting over time. Why PEPSI ? Because this is the nickname GMT collectors the world over gave to red-blue colour of the bezel, a colour reminiscent of the renowned cola brand. And this may just be the first step in debuting a new Pepsi over the coming years. MSRP: 8500CHF.

For the first time since the introduction of the Cerachrom insert in 2005, ROLEX has succeeded in achieving a two-tone bezel, a feat the brand’s enthusiasts and experts had considered unattainable. The new insert, made of black and blue tones, representing respectively day and night hours, is manufactured according to the strict quality criteria used at Rolex, with the aim of being virtually unscratchable.

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